We’ve all heard of the white picket fence as a vital part of the American Dream. For many, designing a functional and aesthetically appealing exterior space is one of the best ways to complete your home. When planning your outdoor renovation or improvement, consider installing a wood privacy fence.

A wood privacy fence is one of the best options for any outdoor space when it comes to securing your family’s privacy, creating the perfect play space for young children, or ensuring that your pets won’t accidentally wander the streets while outside. Understanding the benefits of these enclosures provides insight into what a versatile and sustainable investment these fences are for any yard, front or back.

That said, building a wooden privacy fence is not a job every homeowner feels comfortable doing. Installing these fences requires dangerous power tools, experience, and techniques that most laypeople don’t possess. Hiring an experienced fence contractor from Warner Robins Fence Company is one of the best ways home buyers and owners can benefit from these versatile enclosures.

More Affordable Than Other Options

With modern technology and building materials, there are many options for outdoor enclosure spaces. However, none are nearly as affordable as a wooden fence. You can spend less money and still achieve a space that feels both aesthetically appealing and functional.

Wood fencing remains affordable mainly due to the abundant natural resources available to create it. Fencing materials like vinyl, aluminum, and composite materials might offer a contemporary look and feel but are scarce and cost much more. Choosing wood fencing provides the perfect blend of cost, function, and look, giving you the ultimate bang for your buck.

Easy To Maintain and Repair

From simple maintenance to more complicated repairs, caring for a wood fence is far easier than other materials like vinyl and aluminum. With just some soap and water, you can easily clean the face of your wood fence without needing special chemicals or materials. Additionally, spraying paints, stains, or water repellents help protect the wood material from other minor damage that could degrade the fence’s look.

With more complex repairs, wood fences still offer relatively simple solutions. Since wood fencing is usually a series of individual boards, you can replace warped or damaged parts without needing to overhaul the entire structure. This makes for more accessible repair work and saves money.

Durable Home Feature

Choosing to invest money in a home feature is not a small decision. When you build the perfect exterior space for your home, you want to ensure it will last. A wood privacy fence is one of the most durable options to create the perfect front or backyard.

With proper maintenance and care, your wood fence can last up to 20 years without requiring a significant replacement. Over that time, the return on investment you receive financially—and emotionally with so many fun family memories—makes this an excellent home feature in both appearance and functionality. Call a contractor from Warner Robins Fence Company to help install your wood fence today.

Different Types of Wood Suit Different Environments

One of the first significant considerations you’ll face during the design phase is what kind of wood you’ll use to create your fence. Selecting suitable wood for your region’s climate and neighborhood’s look is crucial to ensuring sustainability and durability.

Common Types of Wood:

Redwood ExampeRedwood: The most expensive but arguably the most beautiful, redwood offers gorgeous reddish tones. It is suitable for damp or humid climates because it releases moisture.

For those concerned about costs, lower-grade redwood is acceptable for the fence panels. However, you should opt for the highest grade available for posts. The posts are the structure of your fence, and you want to ensure that it is as durable as possible.

Cedar ExampleCedar: A more affordable type of wood, cedar also resists warping in damp climates and has the added benefit of containing oils that repel insects. With few wood knots, this material can be ideal for homes in humid and buggy climates. Aesthetically, this wood offers more versatility than redwood, coming in white, red, and yellow. This makes it easier to paint or alter than redwood.

Spruce ExampleSpruce: Spruce is very popular as it is by far the most affordable kind of wood. While the lowest-priced option on this list, spruce invites warping concerns and is attractive to termites and other pests. However, if your home is in a dry climate, you might enjoy the versatility spruce offers since it’s so easy to paint.

Consult your fencing contractor to identify the best material for your wood privacy fence. They’ll help you pick something durable and attractive within your budget.

Tons of Options for Style and Look

Wood fencing offers the appeal of stylistic variation. There are many ways to customize your fence with paint options, lacquers, and other finishes. Opt for the white picket fence for a classic American feel, or go with a more sleek and modern design.

Beyond color, material and style considerations can add another layer to your outdoor aesthetic. You have a lot of freedom when deciding wood’s shape, cut, and arrangement. Consider styles like picket, paddock, board on board, shadowbox, split rail, and stockade.

Discuss the different types of fencing with your contractor and designer to find the right combination of color, material, and fencing style to suit your family’s needs. With so many options, you can achieve a sophisticated look that friends and guests might never guess was possible with wood fencing.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

With increasing environmental concerns and a focus on sustainability, our homes must begin to adhere to rising standards of low ecological impact. Wood is a renewable resource that producers easily replace and restore. Additionally, the methods used to farm wood for homes and other uses do minimal environmental harm, making wood a more long-term sustainable option.

Ask your fencing contractor how you can install your fence with minimal impact. There may be ways they can alter their installation process to help you achieve this goal.

Increases Your Property Value

When considering any new addition to your home, one of the most critical factors is the return on investment. A wood privacy fence not only increases the privacy of your home but also adds significant value to your property’s curb appeal and aesthetic. This may seem inconsequential, but it pays off down the road.

Whenever you decide to sell your home, a wood fence adds to the price you can ask for your house. Many buyers also find fencing an appealing feature for a home to have. In fact, potential home buyers with children or pets might require a fence to consider buying a property.

Increases Privacy and Safety for Your Children, Family, and Pets

One of the most important parts of raising a family is ensuring that you have the necessary private, safe spaces to allow playtime, family bonding, and other gatherings. Adding a wood privacy fence to your home creates an easily customizable enclosure that provides the perfect area for your kids to play safely. It also provides a barrier between you and your neighbors, providing a greater sense of privacy.

Pets also benefit significantly from these spaces. Knowing that your dog or cat is safe when you want to let them out for outdoor playtime or to use the bathroom is crucial. Give your furry friends the space to play safely with wood fence enclosures.

Add additional landscaping or toys to your outdoor enclosure to encourage your children and pets to play in these safe, private spaces. You can even paint fun shapes on the interior side of the fence to liven it up for your kids.

Multipurpose Feature for Your Home

While it might seem obvious to use a wood privacy fence just as a perimeter enclosure for your home, other uses for these fences make them multipurpose features for your house. Consider these alternatives to a perimeter fence to improve your yard’s aesthetic and versatility.

Garden Fences

Wood fences are an excellent option for protective garden fences and enclosures. If your home features a family garden, protecting it from animals who may want to eat your plants is of utmost importance. A wood fence with mesh will keep your produce safe from would-be invaders.

Wood privacy fence for garden

Garden Fence

Landscaping Structure

One of the easiest ways to add structure to your landscaping without spending too much money is to install a wood fence. Use wood fences to create sectioned hangout areas or entertainment spaces in your backyard. Add furniture and lighting to create an exterior space perfect for hosting guests and family events.

Wood privacy fence for backyard entertainment

Backyard Oasis

Deck Enclosures

You can also install wood fences to enclose a deck or other outdoor features. While a perimeter fence covers your whole yard, these shorter and more limited fences give select spaces an element of privacy. Enhance your deck with one today.

Picture of wood fence deck enclosure

Deck Enclosure

Hire Warner Robins Fence Company to Handle Design and Installation

Finally, the best way to build your wood privacy fence to your standards is to hire fencing contractors from Warner Robins Fence Company to create your outdoor enclosure. We have the experience and tools necessary to build your perfect fence. Call 478-302-7230 to schedule a free service consultation today.

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